is DEAD!

Microsoft has officially sunsetted the most hated, noncompliant, virtually useless*, slowest and dumbest web browser in the modern digital world also known as the abominable Internet Explorer, effective June 15th 2022.

* The Internet Explorer web browser has only one known use to serve the human race: to download a better browser!

Advantages of a post-Internet-Explorer world:

• No more worrying about IE workarounds in web development. • No more codes wasted on ensuring backwards-compatibility with the stupid IE browser. ERASE THAT GARBAGE POLYFILL. • One less program asking you to download update packs that basically solves zero bugs at all anyway. DELETE IT NOW. • Say goodbye to the browser that breaks your favorite websites! • Save your device battery and RAM when you finally uninstall this built-in preinstalled malware aka IE.exe that drains 99% of your CPU to load a single webpage. • JavaScript for the win! Farewell to the oppressive browser that once tried (but failed) to replace JS with its own proprietary scripting language. EPIC FAILURE! • AND MANY, MANY MORE.
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